Seminar 6

Adobe GoLive Web Authoring and Site Management Program

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I. Introduction

A. Background of Adobe/CyberStudio GoLive


GoLive 5.0 is not a revolutionary new Web management tool and visual Web page editor. It's more significant than that: It's the latest edition of a mature, rich, and deep software package with the kinks worked out. Best of all, for workflow purposes it integrates (through special "smart objects") with three of Adobe's most important products: Illustrator, Photoshop, and LiveMotion. It edits QuickTime movies internally; it handles embedded links in PDFs and SWFs; and it has a fully embedded version of the Save For Web feature found in Photoshop."
Glenn Fleishman, CreativePro, September, 2000
"Adobe GoLive is an excellent object-oriented, Web page publishing tool that lets you design, create and author Web pages and manage websites - visually. Powerful for professionals, this package is easy enough for novices to use as well.
Mike Angelo, Web Tools, February, 2000
"The new features in GoLive 4.0, such as the XML and Active Server Pages support, show the GoLive development team is in step with the changing needs of the Web development market."
Mark Walter, Seybold Report on Internet Publishing

B. Main Features of GoLive

1. Six Powerful Editing/Previewing Options

2. Precision Page Layout Mode


Grand-daughter Madeleine

is Two Years Old!


3. Object-Oriented Palette Window with Context-Sensitive Inspector

Note: Palette has Nine Index Tabs (Layers) on HTML Objects

The Attributes of all HTML Objects are directly addressable by Context-Sensitive Inspector. So, for instance, if the <HR> below is selected, we get the Inspector:

4. Powerful Color Control

The eight color menu/picker options include:

5. Intuitive Linking Options

Internal Links: [e.g., Go To Top]

  1. Drop Anchor, , from Objects Palette, and name it in Inspector Window-->A.
  2. Select Link Name and Click Links Button,
  3. Drag [with <Apple>] from Name to Anchor

External Links: [e.g., Go to my HomePage]

  1. Select Link Name and Click Links Button,
  2. Type, Copy, or Browse URL

Graphical Links

  1. Embed image icon and browse for photo name
  2. Click the link icon, select the link tab, and enter the target URL

6. Cascading Style Sheets

7. Enhanced Table Handling

Adobe GoLive 5.0 provides a new Table Window environment to ease the selection, formatting, and sorting of table cells. Easily import tab-delimited data, take advantage of the various Table Style themes provided, or easily create your own theme for your unique designs. Sorting table data is easier than ever with the new services provided by the Table Window. Additionally, the Layout Grid (table-based) has also been optimized to generate lean HTML code.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14

8. 360 CodeTM

You can now freely move HTML pages and JavaScript, including any custom markup language, between the visual environment of GoLive and any text-based HTML editor, including BBEdit or Allaire HomeSite, with no impact on the content and structure of the document's HTML source code. No more retrofitting complex code including ASP, ColdFusion, HTML, FileMaker, JavaScript, XML, and so on. GoLive leaves all code in its pure, original state without alteration .

Adobe GoLive 5.0 also provides comprehensive support for current W3C standards including CSS, DHTML, WebObjects 4.5, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an open standards vector graphics format. GoLive 5.0 also provides support for Flash (SWF), Apple QuickTime Streaming, and Real Networks G2. Consider, for instance:

9. GoLiveTM Dynamic Link

Visually design dynamically generated Web pages with Adobe® GoLive™ Dynamic Link for ASP (Active Server Pages). With Dynamic Link for ASP, you can seamlessly connect to and deliver content from any ODBC-compliant database - no prior programming knowledge, middleware, or server-side installs are required. Simply mock up your Web page content in GoLive with a template of your own creation. One click of the mouse inside the Dynamic Link palette links the mock content on your Web page to a specified database, complete with a Live Preview based on the actual database content. The ASP code is automatically written by Dynamic Link. When it's time to update the templates, you can do so without breaking the dynamic bindings - all within GoLive.

Server Requirements

  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) v 3 or later running under Windows NT
    • or Microsoft Personal Web Server running under Windows NT or 98
    • or Peer Web Server running under windows NT
  • To assure compatibility with Access 2000 databases, you need MS Data Access Components (MDAC)
  • UNIX servers with Chili!Sort ASP installed
  • Microsoft Commerce server for e-commerce functionality

Compatible sources of dynamic content

  • All ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) compliant databases
    • Microsoft Access
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Any database accessible via ODBC such as FileMaker Pro
  • Microsoft Commerce Server (ASP Specific)

10. Enhanced on-board interactive editor

Breathe life into your Web pages by adding audio and video files with drag-and-drop ease. Simply place your media files, including QuickTime or Flash (SWF) objects, onto the late-stage, on-board interactive editor and visually queue video and audio tracks in an intuitive QuickTime timeline. It's like working with a robust, stand-alone QuickTime authoring application combined with the power of GoLive's authoring and site- management capabilities. When you're finished, export your creation based on QuickTime Streaming technology for optimal bandwidth performance.

For example:

We can open a sound file, Guitar.s

then click on the open QuickTime Editor button and add MIDI and Quicktime movie files using the QuickTime Objects menu:

dragging QT Movies and MIDI sound files to produce

After proper sequencing, the resulting movie was composed and exported as a QT movie. The results are:


All of the movie/sound composition has occurred in GoLive. We do not need expensive programs like Adobe Premiere to create QuickTime movies for the Web.

11. Smart Objects

For on-the-fly editing of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe LiveMotion objects, GoLive 5.0 provides drag-and-drop functionality and unprecedented integration. Accelerate your workflow by working directly with the original application source files. For example, Photoshop 5.5's familiar "Save for Web" feature is now built into GoLive, allowing you to easily edit and optimize images directly within GoLive! No more switching between applications for such simple tasks as resizing images. And GoLive always links to the corresponding source files when more advanced edits are required, thus streamlining your workflow with the convenience of knowing that the original source files and applications are always just a single click away.

Consider the Adobe Photoshop image:


Consider the Adobe Illustrator image:

Drag Smart Illustrator image and select Compressed SVG

Consider the Adobe LiveMotion animation:

12. Ready-to-Use JavaScript Actions

There are two ways to embed JavaScripts in a GoLive document, one totally general and one specific for creating rollovers.

General JavaScript Authoring:

1. From the Basic Objects palette, drag the JavaScript icon, , to the location in your HTML document.

2. Double click the JavaScript icon the type in the code:

document.write("This is output produced by
document.write in the body.")

The result is:

Specific RollOver JavaScript:

1. Drag the RollOver icon from the Smart tab in the Objects palette

2. Using the RollOver Inspector, select the Main image by browsing

3. Using the RollOver Inspector, select the Over image by browsing

4. Using the RollOver Inspector, select the Click image by browsing, and insert the URL for navigation


Results work with IE but not NetScape

C. Site Management Tools

The Site Window helps Web authors design, control, check, and debug their Web site. Site management and visual site creation features include:

• Design, create, edit, and view an entire site or import existing sites.

• Visually check and repair broken links.

• Automatically generate sites from templates and master pages.

• Easily upload or download individual Web pages or an entire Web site via FTP.

• Display estimated download times for a Web page.

• (NEW) Site Builder for fast prototyping and information flow-charting.

• (NEW) WebDAV functionality allows users to have secure workgroup functionality.

• (NEW) Powerful and flexible views to represent site data with multiple panes for multiple views.

• (NEW) Powerful Site Report features for Web site reporting.:


  1. The User Guide is not complete
  2. The built in GoLive Help does not work on all machines
  3. GoLive Help (when working) is extremely ugly (jaggies)
  5. Incompatibilities remain between GoLive, NetScape, and Internet Explorer
  6. Adobe's claims to the contrary, GoLive still embeds mysterious code



Adobe GoLive 5.0 User Guide, Adobe, San Jose, CA (1999)

Web Sites URLs

The Adobe GoLive Home page is:

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