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RK-MUG April 18, 2007

Nikon D80

CanoScan 8600F

Nikon D80 Specifications

Two and a half years ago Nikon announced the six megapixel D70, their first affordable enthusiasts digital SLR, it proved to be a very popular camera and strong competitor to the Canon EOS 300D (Digital Rebel). Just fifteen months later Nikon revealed the D70s which was essentially the same camera with a some subtle tweaks (improved AF, wider flash coverage, higher capacity battery, larger LCD monitor). And so just over fifteen months on from the D70s Nikon present the latest incarnation of their 'enthusiasts' digital SLR line, the ten megapixel D80.

The D80 slots nicely between the entry-level D50 and the semi-professional / professional D200, clearly based on the D70 design but also different enough to be seen as a completely new model. It features a ten megapixel DX format CCD (the same we presume as used by Sony in the DSLR-A100), the metering sensor from the D50 and numerous other items taken or modified from the D200.

Key features

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My D80 SLR is equipped with a Nikkor 18 - 135mm lens (equivalent to 35mm - 200 mm in classic 35 mm language)

CanoScan 8600F Specifications

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My CanoScan flatbed scanner was purchased mainly for slide scanning. See the setup:

Gallery of Nikon D80 Photos:

Note: First five are at full resolution --> 3872 X 2592 Pixels (~2.5 MB/photo)

Rest are at --> 2896 X 1944 Pixels (~0.6 - 1.1 MB/photo)

Looking east across Lake Dillon, CO in January (see Tory and Grey's Peaks on horizon)

Tory and Grey's Peaks with full zoom (135 mm)

Looking west at Peak One of the Ten-Mile Range

Peak One, with zoom

Our Princess, Maddie, after a hard day skiing

In Florida, March - April, 2007

CanoScan Gallery

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