Product Evaluation



RK-MUG, May 11, 1999


Main Features

1. High Resolution + High Capacity

Note: Camera comes with 8 MB SmartMedia

2. Optical Characteristics

3. Physical and Electrical Characteristics

4. Extensive Control Options

Front View:

Back View:

5. Wide Range of Connectivity

Several Modes of Connectivity

  1. Output directly to TV
  2. Output to VCR through TV
  3. Output directly to Olympus P-300 Printer
  4. Download by cable to Modem/Printer ports
  5. Download by Floppy carrier

Good Supporting Software



Also, direct cable download using



  1. Came with loose window

  2. Shutter has awkward pause

  3. Controls are powerful but complex


Brekenridge, Colorado

My House

New Car

Madeleine's First Birthday

Madeleine on Her Bike

Madeleine in the Dirt


Racine Zoo

Note: All of the above images are presented here at 640 x 480 resolution which is only 25% of the available information. Here is one at full resolution.

Chelsea and Maddie