Word Processing: Tutorial 1

The Mac-OS & MS-Word Processor

The Complete Macintosh Operating System

  • 1 Click --> Select an object
  • 2 Clicks --> Open an object
  • To Copy A --> B, Drag A --> B
  • Pull down Menu for details

To use MS-Word: (Algorithm for Word Processing)

1. Create a folder on your local hard drive (of Zip disk) and label it WordDocuments

2. Open MS-Word

Locate Word Icon, , on Hard Drive Double-click Word Icon

3. Enter text:

Just type
Use "Return" only for new paragraph ("wordwrap" does the rest)
Save Document regularly to the WordDocuments folder

4. Edit document with mouse

  • Select text by Click and Drag
  • Delete selected text by Delete key or "Cut" (Apple key + X)
  • Insert text by pointing cursor and typing
  • Move text block by selecting and dragging

5. When finished, use FILE Menu to SAVE (or SAVE AS first time) to WordDocuments folder

6. Print Document

Select PRINT (Under FILE) or click on