CSci 220

Web Page Design

Homework Assignment # 3

The pupose of this exercise is to become familiar with HTML code for manipulating whitespace and the shape of your output. The following exercise should be implemented in one HTML document. Please print both the HTML document and the resulting NetScape Web page. Please use HTML Editor for the assignment.


2.1 Use the <BODY> tag with the appropriate BACKGROUND attribute to select an interesting texture for tiling your Web page background. Remember to keep the background colors pale pastels and make the background unobtrusive.

2.2 Use a single line of text to illustrate each of the Physical Styles and the Logical Styles listed in Lecture 5.  Indicate which physical styles are identical with which logical styles.  Output should be in the format:

2.3 Create three ordered lists, one denoted by [a,b,c,d], one by [i,ii,iii,iv], and one by [7,8,9,10]. Then create a definition list with three terms.

2.4 Write equations illustrating superscript, subscript, copyright, and trademark.  For example:

Updated January 24, 2001