CSci 220

Web Page Design

Homework Assignment # 2

1. Starting at the index of UW-Parkside academic programs, (, scan all 31 departmental home pages and identify what you consider the BEST home page and also the WORST home page.

1.1 Write a one-page justification for each of your selections. Considerations you may wish to use include:

1.2 Print out both the BEST home page and the WORST home page, and mark it up with colored pen with numbered items documented in your justification in 1.1. 

2. Using the Web page you selected as a case study in good design, perform the following analysis to compare each item of HTML source code to resulting WWW page presentation:

2.1 Print out the Web page as it appears on your screen.

2.2 Next, select Page Source under VIEW, and print it out the HTML code and contents.

 2.3 Lay the output from 2.1 and 2.2 side by side and use a colored pen to mark each element of HTML code with the corresponding WWW output with circled numbers.


Updated January 21, 2001