CSci 220


Web Page Design

Laboratory Assignment # 15

1. Today we will post your semester project, regardless of its state of completion, to the Internet. This will give you practice in uploading the completed version by noon, Wednesday, May 9. The completed version may be copied on top of the current version and will replace it.


Username: cs220project

2. The purpose of this exercise is to become acquainted with features and capabilities of XML, using the WWW as a reference.

  1. Write a one-sentence definition of XML.
  2. What is the relationship of XML to SGML and HTML?
  3. List five important features of XML that differ from those of HTML?
  4. Which browsers (and versions) support XML?
  5. Does Adobe GoLive support XML?
  6. What is a DTD and why is it important to XML?
  7. Do you think it would be advisable to begin the immediate conversion of all of your HTML documents to XML documents? Give reasons for your answer.
  8. [Extra credit] What percentage of pages currently on the WWW are written in XML?

Updated 4/29/2001