CSci 220 - Lecture 25

Web Page Design

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A. Introduction

B. New Flash 4.0 Features and Basic Design

Flash 4 offers exciting new features for creating immersive, lush interactive web sites.

Flash Basic Design

The basic design of Flash consists of four components:

C. Flash Drawing Tools and Symbols

Flash supports a minimal but powerful set of drawing tools:

An example of the power of some of these tools is the pencil tool

Another versatile tool is the PaintBrush

Perhaps the most impressive drawing tool is the reshape feature:


"A symbol is a reusable image, animation, or button. An instance is an occurrence of a symbol on the stage. Symbols help you keep a file's size low and make editing a movie easier. "

To create a symbol:

To work with instances of symbols:

This nomenclature is consistent with OOP design.

D. Flash Layers

You can think of layers as transparent sheets of acetate stacked on top of each other. Where there is nothing on a layer, you can see through it to the layers below. Layers are used to organize artwork in a movie. You can draw and edit artwork on one layer without affecting artwork on another layer.

The basic idea of layers:

They can be re-ordered:

They help solve the z-depth problem:

E. Sound and Animation

Shockwave offers Streaming Radio Music



Example 1: Linear Motion - Tweening

Example 2: Shape Animation

Example 3: Animation Along a Path

F. Laboratory Assignment # 13


Updated 4/5/2001