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Multimedia on the Web - Content Creation


A. Soundbytes and Music

Three Classes of Sound for the Web:


Every Mac System folder has several "Alerts" stored, e.g.

<a href="WildEep">WildEep</a>


Must convert it to a more Web compatible format:

<a href="WildEep.AIFF">WildEep.AIFF</a>


<a href=""></a>

Let's try to make our own Alert soundbyte, convert to AIFF, and play it.

  1. Open Monitors & Sound in the Control Panels
  2. In "Sound Monitoring Source", select "Sound in"
  3. Select "Alerts" button and click "Add"
  4. Verify Microphone operation by blowing into it
  5. Record your Alert soundbyte, give it a name and save it.
  6. Copy it from your system folder to your project folder
  7. Open it with SoundApp, edit it, and save it as an .mov file.
  8. Embed it in your document with
<embed src="" width="128" height="27" autostart="true">

Recording CS-ROM Music

  1. Insert the CD-ROM and open the Apple CD Audio Player under the Apple Icon
  2. Open SoundEffects
  3. Click the circular button to open the Record Window
  4. Position the CD Audio Play to the spot you want to begin recording
  5. Hit the circular record button in the Record Window, and immediately
  6. Hit the play arrow in the CD Audio Player
  7. When you have recorded the session, hit [Save} button in the Record Window
  8. Use "Save as" in SoundEffects to save the file to the .AIFF file name of your choice

Apple CD Audio Player

SoundEffects Main Window

SoundEffects Record Window


Castelnuova-Tedesco Guitar Concerto #1

Streaming MP3 is available at

B. Capturing Video

Steps for Video Capture using a Camcorder & A/V Macs

  1. Plug video/audio input cables from Camcorder to Mac
  2. Open Apple Video Player (shown above) and set Monitors & Sound to 256 Colors
  3. Open Controls window
  4. To record, hit Record Button
  5. When finished, hit Stop
  6. Save movie to a compressed file
  7. Flatten the file using Fast Player or Movie Player


<embed src="" width="322" height="259"
autostart="true" controller="true" align="bottom">

Other Great Sources for Video --> CD-ROMs

Consider the "fly-by" of the southern hemisphere of Mars

<embed src="CF03.MOV" width="324" height="258"
autostart="true" controller="true" align="bottom">

C. Virtual Reality on the Web

A thorough background resource list in Virtual Reality has been compiled by the Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory

D.  QTVR Protocol


 Special software is now available to "stitch" QTVR Movies together from video or stills.


E. Creating VRML Models

The primary inovation has been from Silicon Graphics, working with NetScape, to produce the standard known as "Moving Worlds", a.k.a. VRML 2.0. An excellent summary of VRML tools is presented by Jim O"Donnell.

Tools for Building VRML Models

Let's see if we can link to this VRML file, Office.vrml

F. Laboratory Assignment # 10


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