Web Page Design

CSci 220

Outline and Syllabus



TEXT & Required Materials:


Laboratory Reports {Weekly Set Due after Laboratory}


Exams {Tuesday, Feb. 13 and Tuesday, March 27}


Final Exam {Friday, May 11, 3:30-5:30 p.m. }


Web Page Project {UWP Web Page Design/Redesign}


Participation {Contribution to class, attendance, enthusiasm}



1. Assignments discussed Tuesday & done Thursday

2. Late laboratory reports will be penalized

3. Please staple sheets together with name and Asssignment # clearly visible on Page 1.

4. General philosophy on homework:

a. Working together with classmates is strongly encouraged
b. However, your submission should be your own and unique. Copying is illegal.




Morris Firebaugh

        Phone: 886-9575

Office Hours: 

2:00-4:00 p.m., Tues
Other times: By appointment



WWW HomePage    




TOPICS [ = Exam this Tuesday]
Ch. 1 & 2
Designing for a Variety of Browsers & Designing for a Variety of Displays
Browsers, Design Strategies, Writing Good HTML, Knowing your Audience, Considering your Site's Purpose, Testing, Dealing with Unknown Monitor Resolutions, Fixed vs. Flexible Web Page Design, Accessibility, Alternative Displays, Introduction to HTML Editors and Utilities, HTML Editor
Ch. 3 & 4
Web Design Principles & Beginner's Guide to the Server
Color on the Web, Graphics on the Web, Typography on the Web, Web Servers, Introduction to UNIX, File Naming Conventions, Uploading Documents (FTP), File MIME Types, Using Fetch and GoLive
Ch. 5 & 6
HTML Overview & Structural HTML Tags
HTML as a Structured Language, Platform Independence, HTML tags and elements, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, TCP/IP, URLs, Structural elements, Body style elements, Controlling spacing, Block & Style Tags, Logical vs. Physical Styles, Special text formatting, Color in HTML, GoLive
Ch. 7 & 8
Formatting Text & Creating Links
Inline Type Styles, The <font> Tag, Ordered and Unordered Lists, Layout Techniques with HTML, Web navigation using hyperlinked text, images, image maps, Linking Within a Document, Imagemaps, Non-Web Links and Protocols, GoLive
Ch. 9
Adding Images and Other Page Elements
Summary of Object placement Tags, Horizontal Rules, Image Basics, The <img> Tag and Attributes, Adding Java Applets, Plug-in Media <embed>, and Media Files <object>, GoLive & Graphics Converter
Ch. 10 & 11
Tables & Frames
Tables as Page Layout Tools, Basic Table Structure, Table attributes, Creating Columns & Rows, Row & Column Span, Frame syntax, Basic Frameset Structure, Creating FrameSets, Targeting Frames, Advantages and Disadvantages of Frames, GoLive & Graphics Converter
Ch. 12 & 13
Forms & Server Side Includes
Encouraging User Feedback, Client/Server Data, Form Tags and Elements, Form Design, Submitting forms, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Server Side Includes (SSI), Using Environment Variables, List of Elements and Include Variables, GoLive
Ch. 14 & 15
GIF Format & JPEG Format
The RGB Color System, Image Compression Formats; Image Width and Resolution, Scanned and Captured Art; Background images, GIF File Formats, Eight-bit Indexed Color, When to Use GIFs, Tools Overview, Interlacing & Transparency, 24-bit Color, JPEG Compression, When to Use JPEGs, Creating JPEGs, Minimizing Graphics File Size, Graphics Converter
Ch. 16 & 17
PNG Format & Designing Graphics with the Web Palette
Platform/Browser Support, 8-Bit Palette, Grayscale, & Truecolor, PNG Compression, When to Use PNGs Creating & Optimizing PNG Files, The Web Palette, Designing with Web-Safe Colors, Survey of Web Graphics Tools, Color Blenders, Graphics Converter & Photoshop
Chap. 18
Animated GIFs & QuickTime Virtual Reality
Creating and Using Animated GIFs, Optimizing Animated GIFS, 3D graphics models, navigating the models, VRML syntax, Embedding VRML files in HTML pages, QTVR protocols for representing and navigating real 3D scenes, Introduction to Plug-ins, GoLive
Ch. 19 & 20
Audio on the Web & Video on the Web
Animation, Sound, & Video File Formats, Audio Tools Overview, Basic Digital Audio Concepts, Nonstreaming vs. Streaming Audio, MP3, Live Audio on the Web, AU, WAV, and Real Audio Protocols, Video File Formats (QuickTime), Basic Digital Video Concepts, Capturing and Adding Video Clips to HTML Documents, GoLive
Ch. 21 & 22
Interactivity & Introduction to JavaScript
Multimedia Flash format from Macromedia, Concept of Vector Graphics, Shockwave for Director, Java Applets, Integrating JavaScript and HTML, Creating JavaScript, Controlling browser behavior (rollovers), Internet resources on JavaScript, The Java Programming Language, Creating Applets for the Web, GoLive
Ch. 23 & 24
Cascading Style Sheets & Introduction to DHTML
Style Sheet Placement and Control, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript style sheet properties and values, The New Object Model, Dynamic HTML events, Creating Dynamic HTML Text and Graphics, DHTML Examples & Tools, GoLive
Ch. 25 & 26
Introduction to XML & Embedded Font Technology
XML (Extensible Markup Language) - Premises of XML, Well-formed XML Documents, Document Type Definitions (DTD), Internationalizing HTML character sets, MIME types, Font issues, TruedDoc & OpenType Technologies, Pure vs. Extended HTML, GoLive
Chap. 27
Internationalization & Review
Character Sets, HTML 4.0 Language Tags, Future Trends and Technology, Review, Project Presentations

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