CSci 220 - Lecture 1

Web Page Design

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I. Introduction

  1. Chapter 1: Designing for a Variety of Browsers
  2. Evolution of the Internet & WWW
  3. Web Page Design Concepts
  4. Survey of WWW Page Design Tools
  5. The HTML Language

II. Chapter 1: Designing for a Variety of Browsers

The Problem: How do we design web pages that are consistent and attractive on a variety of browsers and platforms?

Considerations for Good HTML Design

1.1 What is HTML 4.0?

HTML 4.0 [HTML] is an SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) application
conforming to International Standard ISO 8879, and is widely regarded as the standard
publishing language of the World Wide Web.

III. Evolution of the Internet & WWW

The Internet

Concept and History of Nonlinear Information


The World Wide Web


IV. Web Page Design Concepts

Four Principles of Web Page Design

1. The Web is the best source of information

2. Borrow ideas --> copy proven designs

3. Try to stick with OOP --> Use encapsulation

4. Use hierarchical data structures (folders and files)


Example of Encapsulation and Hierarchical Design


V. Survey of WWW Page Design Tools

1. Search Engines
2. HTML Editors
3. Graphics Processing Tools
4. Web File Handling Tools

Search Engines

1. Stanford University's Google
2. DEC's AltaVista
3. Apple's Sherlock

This query produces about 3,490,000 references. Included are the following URLs:

Beginner's Guide to HTML

Beginner's Guide to URL's

Introduction to HTML

Beginner's Guide to the World-Wide-Web and HTML

Overview of HTML

Introduction to HTML 3.0

HTML Tutorial

A Crash Course in HTML

HTML Writers Guild Home Page

How To Write HTML Documents

World-Wide-Web FAQ

Quick Review of HTML 3.0

Guide to Creating URL's

Guide to Working With HTML

Writing HTML

The World-Wide-Web HTML Mailing List

The HTML Hint 'O The Day

HTML Editors

1. HTML Editor [available by downloading from the WWW] --> Concrete (with some abstraction)
2. Adobe GoLive --> both concrete and abstract
3. MS-Word--> Very abstract


Features of HTML Editor 

Problems with HTML Editor


Features of GoLive


Features of MS-Word

Graphics Processors for Web Design - Graphics Converter

Features of Graphics Converter


VI. Homework Assignment #1

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