CSci 120 - Lecture 16

Multimedia Design

© Morris Firebaugh


I. Introduction

A. Conclude Chapter 8 -- Managing Multimedia Projects

B. Organizing Resources and Forming the Team

C. 3D Geometry Concepts & Constraints in 3D Design

D. Animation in Swivel3D


II. Organizing Resources and Forming the Team


Forming the Team

Leading the Team


III. 3D Geometry Concepts

Coordinate Systems



Projection Modes




IV. Constraints in 3D Design

Swivel3D provides four basic Constraint Tools




V. Libraries of 3D Objects

VI. Animation in Swivel3D

Steps for creating an animation in Swivel3D

1) Design object in starting position and orientation

2) Open Tween Panel under Effects

3) Set parameters in tween panel for first key frame, then Set Key

4) Next, design second key frame, push Add Key

5) Repeat process until all keyframes are designed and set

6) Under Options, click Write to PICS

7) Click Tween

8) After PICS file saved, Use MS-Word to Insert Movie and save as QuickTime file


Updated October 22, 2000