CSci 120 - Lecture 15

Multimedia Design

© Morris Firebaugh

I. Introduction

A. Introduce Chapter 8 -- Managing Multimedia Projects

B. Management Issues

C. The Management Process and MM Projects

D. Basic 3D Concepts & Conceptual Design Tools


II. Management Issues

The emphasis in MM development is on people.

Non-multimedia company


MM service provider



Multimedia company


III. The Management Process and MM Projects

Planning the project

IV. Basic 3D Concepts

Concept of Design Abstraction

Why would we want to automate the design process?

III. 3D Conceptual Design Tools -- CADC

What features should a 3D conceptual design tool provide?

Could any 3D CADC program possible provide all these?

ANSWER: Yes, Swivel3D does and more:

IV. 3D Design Program -- Swivel3D

Color tool menus available on Swivel 3D

Color Palette


Select Color (under Effects)


Shaders and Light Controls


Shader Attributes (for MacRenderMan)


Rendering Options


Special Effects


Project Scrap Image


Background with projected Scrap



VI. Laboratory Assignment # 8

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Updated October 22, 2000