CSci 120 - Lecture 13

Multimedia Design

© Morris Firebaugh


I. Introduction


II. Introduce Chapter 7: Designing for Multimedia

Two Key Concepts in MM Design Involve

III. Creating the Appearance

Basic Design Principles



More Optical Weight
Less Optical Weight
Large Small
Dark Light
Color Black, white, gray
Irregular shape Regular shape
Human face anything else
Human figure any other figures
Mountains Plains
Water Land










III. Designing for Interactivity

The Cardinal Rule is:

The design needs to be user-centered


Considerations influencing design




Freddie the Fish




IV. Designing Virtual Reality - Virtus WalkThrough

Major elements of virtual reality

Application areas

Range of sophistication

Demonstrate Virtus Walkthrough

Firebaugh, Morris, Computer Graphics: Tools for Visualization, Wm. C. Brown Publishers (1993)

Demonstrate "Virtual Galleries"

V. Laboratory Assignment #7

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Updated October 14, 2000