CSci 120 

MultiMedia Design

Laboratory Assignment # 6a

Build a Graphical Database

The objective of this exercise is to build a graphical database which is key-word searchable and hot-button navigable.

1. Use some combination of your instructor's clipart and the WWW as a source for eight (8) images which you paste into the Scrapbook.

2. Use Graphics Converter to crop or resize them to fit nicely on a HyperStudio card.

3. Open HyperStudio and click the New Stack button

4. Design the first (prototype) card with a Text Field capable of holding up to 10 words and two navigation buttons to move forward or backward through the stack.

5. Duplicate this prototype card 7 more times.

6. Design the first card as the Title Card to your database, e.g.,


Graphical Database


Morris Firebaugh

Assignment # 6a

Multimedia Design 120

October 10, 200X

7. Copy your remaining photographs or graphics into the remaining 7 cards, 1/card, and characterize each image by a series of Key Words, mountain scenery, wild flowers, stream, pine trees, etc.

8. When your database is complete, call the instructor over to demonstrate that it is, indeed, searchable by typing <apple>+f --> keyword to find the image containing the keywork. Ask the instructor to initialize your paper printout of the database.

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Updated October 8, 2000