CSci 120 - Lecture 9

Multimedia Design

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I. Introduction

A. Chapter 5  -  Multimedia Authoring Programs

B. Multimedia Presentations

C. Stand-alone Applications

D. Authoring Systems Modes and Metaphores


II. Introduction to Chapter 5

Authoring Programs are Software Tools used to Create Multimedia Titles


Multimedia authoring programs may be distinguished by the following criteria:


Review of some Mac OS8 shortcuts useful in creating content

III. Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia Presentations involve a Presenter and an Audience

Note the following characteristics of all presentations

Because of the linear nature of these presentations, they are relatively quick and easy

IV. Stand-alone Applications

 Stand-alone applications are used by individuals

Note primary differences from MM presentations


V. Authoring Systems Modes and Metaphores

The basic metaphors used are

Electronic slide shows

Card Stack and Hypermedia Metaphor

One of the most wonderful properties of a computer is that no matter how many dimensions one's information has, a computer representation can always supply at least one more. One result is that any seeming distance between items in our world of limited dimension can be completely "disappeared."

This is something that Vanevar Bush and his chief prophet Doug Englebart noticed immediately, and hypermedia was born. In the world of Dynabooks, information will not be printed   -   it would destroy most of the useful associations   -   and something much more than superpaper will emerge. The notion of hypermedia is much more a "user illusion" than a "metaphor."

That wonderful system, HyperCard, in spite of its great ideas, has some "metaphors" that set my teeth on edge. Four of them are "stack," "card," "field," and "button."

Hypermedia. It's a new word for most of us. Yet this term and its definition will become increasingly important the more we rely on personal computers to store, manage, and retrieve information.
It broad terms, hypermedia is the delivery of information in forms that go beyond traditional list and database report methods. More specifically, it means that you don't have to follow a predetermined organization scheme when searching for information. Instead, you branch instantly to related facts.

HyperCard is a new kind of application-a unique information environment for your Apple® Macintosh computer. Use it to look for and store information-words, charts, pictures, digitized photographs-about any subject that suits you. Any piece of information in HyperCard can connect to any other piece of information, so you can find out what you want to know in as much or as little detail as you need.


VI. Introduce

Laboratory Assignment # 5



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