CSci 120 

MultiMedia Design

Laboratory Assignment # 5a

Intermediate Photo-Editing

1. Use artWorks (or another photoediting program) to create a "hoax photo" similar to those found on the tabloid news-stand (e.g., "Loch Ness Monster Dies", "Elvis Wife Give Birth to Martian Child", or "Newt Gingrich Signs Pact with Space Aliens"). Write the corresponding headline.

Raw material may be found in the Clipart  file in your instructor's folder on the Shared Folder.  Another good source of graphical information is the WWW.  To capture images from the WWW, simply hold down the mouse button over the image of interest.  This sends the image to the Clipboard from which it may be pasted directly into artWorks.

Grades for this assignment will be awarded on the basis of the most outlandish headline and graphically convincing hoax photo.  Be creative!!!

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Updated October 1, 2000