CSci 120 - Lecture 8

Multimedia Design

© Morris Firebaugh


I. Introduction

A. Conclude Chapter 4  -  Sound, Animation, and Video

B. 3D Animation

C. Morphing

D. Photo editing Effects on Bit-maps -- artWorks Filters

E. Mac Laboratory Preview -- Photo Editing Objects and BitMaps


II. Conclude Chapter 4  -  Sound, Animation, and Video

The Problems with Lecture 7


The two remaining major topics of Chapter 4 are

III. 3D Animation

Our program of choice for 3D Animation is Swivel3D

Example 1: Tumbling Tetrahedron



Example 2: Projectile


Example 3: Rocket


Example 4:  Animating "Human Motion"

  • Start with Woodman -- But dismount him from the pedestal
  • Set arms and legs into first stride position --> Keyframe 1


  • Next, generate keyframe 2 in midstride
  • Finally, generate Keyframe 3 in farstride


  • Now tween with 15 frames between keyframes


  • This QuickTime movie plays beautifully in MS-Word or on the WWW.  

IV. Morphing

The basic Concept of Morphing

  • We start out with two conformal images:


  • On each we mark characteristic points:


  • Morph automatically generates a QuickTime Movie of the morph.

  • Sometimes the results are impressive  -  Carl Hasiuk morphs into a leopard!

Steps for generating Morph Movie

1) Create conformal image pair. Helps to be approximately size. Both must be sampled at 72 (or 75) dpi

2) Start Morph -> The StoryBoard Window Opens

3) Select start up image by double clicking LHS window

4) Select final image by double clicking RHS window

5) Mark corresponding key points for mapping Create point with  button
Move corresponding red point in other window with Its useful to connect points with line tool, 

6) Set movie period by clicking mouse on lower timing bar, 

7) Under FILE, select "EXPORT MOVIE" May have to close some windows first

8) After movie is made, LOAD MOVIE under FILE

Morph can run in two different modes:

  • Cross dissolve


  • Key point mapping

  Generally, key point mapping is most effective

V. Photo Editing Bit-maps -- artWorks Geometry & Filters

Survey of Available Graphics Libraries

  • See RK-MUG Seminar, in file Resources.ROM
  • Demonstrate Professional Photography Collection
  • Demonstrate Coral Draw discs - 100 images of Wolves, France, Skiing, Cars, etc..

artWorks Geometry Tools

  • Apply Geometric effects to the Tiff file

    • Skew


    • Distort


    • Stretch


    • 1 Side Perspective



    • 2 Side Perspective

artWorks Filters

  • There are many filters one can apply to the image
        Invert  Emboss 

        Mosiac  Magic wand 
    • Blur
    • Sharpen
    • Increase and decrease contrast

  • Other special effects one can apply to the image
    • Brighten
    • Crystals
    • Film Grain
    • Hue emboss
    • Motion
    • Rough
    • Soft emboss  

VI.  Laboratory Assignment # 5

Photo Editing


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