CSci 120 

MultiMedia Design

Laboratory Assignment # 4a

The purpose of this exercise is to become familiar with graphical objects and how you can manipulate them in vector graphics mode. You will also become familiar with how sound bytes are recorded and embedded in documents.

1. Redesign the floor plan of the graphical object, Architectural Design, making the following changes:

a) Turn the 2-car garage into a 3-car garage

b) Add a larger car to the garage

c) Select and expand one of the existing rooms

d) Relabel all rooms with a more tasteful design

e) Color-code the drawing - labels one color, furniture another, and floor plans a third

2. Record a sound byte, using the Monitors & Sound Control Panel under the Apple menu. Print the text of the sound byte in a short MS-Word document, insert it as movie, and call the instructor over to listen to the sound byte and initial your print-out as successfully recording the soud byte.

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Updated 9/25/2000