CSci 120 - Lecture 5

Multimedia Design

© Morris Firebaugh


I. Introduction

A. Continue Chapter 3  Text & Graphics

B. Primitive Graphical Objects in artWorks

C. Operations on Graphics Primitives (Messages)

D. Constraints in 2D Design

II. Primitive Graphical Objects - ArtWorks

There are two fundamental types of computer graphics:

 Specific Attributes of artWorks objects

Attributes floating window

III. Operations on Graphics Primitives (Messages)

Graphics programs provide a large number of operations (actions) which may be performed on graphical objects. artWorks provides the standard set, including:

IV. Constraints in 2D Design

Graphics programs provide constraints which greatly improve the efficiency , accuracy, and speed of 2D design. Among those available in artWorks are:

V. Laboratory Assignment #3

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Updated 9/17/2000