CSci 120 - Lecture 3

Multimedia Design

© M. Firebaugh

I. Introduction

A. The Multimedia Workstation (Personal Computer)

B. Hardware for Development (Authoring) Systems

C. Hardware for Playback (Delivery) Systems

D. Specifying Images - Size and Depth

E. HomeWork Assignment #2b on MS-WORD

II. The Multimedia Workstation (Personal Computer)


III. Hardware for Development (Authoring) Systems

IV. Hardware for Playback (Delivery) Systems

V. Specifying Images - Size and Color Depth

Color images are specified by two parameters:

Consider the "Monitors and Sound" Control Panel


VI. HomeWork Assignment #2b on MS-Word

Assignment 2b includes:

  1. 3 different Font families, using 3 different sizes, and 3 styles
  2. A table containing the first data set of Table 1.3 of the text
  3. An example of the integrated spreadsheet graphics, plotting (b)
  4. A complex formula from your calculus or matrix algebra book
  5. A user-designed graphic built using the draw box

MS-WORD as a Multimedia Tool [Tutorial #2]

Updated September 9, 2000