CSci 120 - Lecture 2

Multimedia Design

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I. Introduction

A. Conclude Chapter 1: What is Multimedia?

B. Why MultiMedia? - The Visualization Concept

C. Delivering Multimedia

D. An Introduction to MS-WORD, MacOS System, and the Text's CD-ROM

II. Why MultiMedia? - The Visualization Concept

Consider the following quotations:

Consider the following features of the human vision system:

Multimedia Provide the Tools to Help Us "See"

Visualization Examples

  • Example 1: The Syllabus and Outline for CSci 120
  • Example 2: Public Signs
  • English Representation (symbolic)

    Iconic Representation (visual)

    Fuel Available at this Exit
    This Parking Space Reserved for the Handicapped
    Women's Restroom, Men's Restroom
    No Smoking

    III. Delivering Multimedia

    Three Principle Modes for Delivering Multimedia are


    Inappropriate Uses of Multimedia


    IV. Introduction to MS-WORD, Macintosh OS, and the CD-ROM

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