Computer Tools
MultiMedia Design

Outline and Syllabus


Lecture: 2:00-3:50 p.m., Tuesday

Laboratory: 2:00-3:50 p.m., Thursday


Multimedia in Action, James E. Shuman, Wadsworth Publishing Company (1998)

One Mac-formatted 100 Mb ZIP disk



Weekly Set Due at end ofThursday lab period



Tuesdays, Oct. 3 and Nov. 7


Final Exam

3:30-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 19



Multimedia Project Presentation, Dec. 14 & 19



Contribution to class, attendance, enthusiasm



1. Laboratory assignments are due at end of Thursday lab—late work will be penalized

2. Please staple sheets together with Name and Assignment # clearly visible on Page 1.

3. General philosophy on homework:

a. Cooperation and discussion with classmates is strongly encouraged

b. However, your homework must be your own and unique. Copying is illegal.


Morris Firebaugh, Phone: (262)886-9575

Office Hours: 4:00-5:00 Tues. & Thurs.

Other times: By appointment


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Week Reading TOPICS (= Hour Exam this Thursday )

1 Ch.1 What is Multimedia? The Visualization Paradigm - tools to help see, Elements of multimedia, Examples and categories, Delivery modes, Inappropriate uses

2 Ch.2 Hardware Components of a Multimedia System: Visualization technology, Integration in the multimedia PC, Playback systems, Development systems

3 Ch.3 Multimedia Elements — Text and Graphics: Working with text, typography and design, Graphic image characterization and quality, Graphics editing software

4 Ch.4 Multimedia Elements — Sound, Animation, and Video: Sound, MIDI, Animation in 2D and 3D, Virtual Reality, Video compression and file size, Video editing software

5 Ch.5 Multimedia Authoring Programs: Multimedia Presentations, Stand-along applications, How authoring systems work, Programming languages, Web tools

6 Ch.6 Developing Multimedia Titles: Steps in developing interactive multimedia, The Planning phase, Specifications, The creating phase, Content, The testing phase,

7 Ch.7 Designing for Multimedia: Creating the appearance — Basic design principles, Designing for interactivity, Guidelines for interactive design, KISS

8 Ch.8 Managing Multimedia Projects: Management issues in multimedia development, The management process, Planning the project, Organizing resources, Working in teams

9 Ch.9 Producing Multimedia Titles: Compact disk structure and formats, The production process for CD-ROMs, Mastering, Labeling, Packaging, and Production costs

10 Ch.10 Distributing Multimedia Titles: CD-ROM marketing, promotion, pricing, and distribution strategies, Distributing multimedia titles on-line, Kiosk-based media

11 Ch.11 The Internet & WWW: Features of the Internet and WWW, Multimedia on the WWW, Limitations of the Internet, WWW as a source of multimedia material

12 Ch.11 The Internet & WWW: Viewing multimedia on the WWW, Animation on the Web, Developing multimedia for the WWW, Design considerations, Hyperlinking

13 Ch.12 Issues and Trends in Multimedia: Copyright and trademark issues, Privacy issues, Censorship issues, Trends in the multimedia industry, Embedded intelligence

14 Ch.13 Developing an Interactive Presentation I: Multimedia development software, Features and tools, Creating a template, Creating and editing scenes, Saving

15 Ch.14 Developing an Interactive Presentation II: Hyperlinking using embedded text, Adding graphics, motion, and sound, Creating animations, Editing movies

means "Test this Thursday"

Updated January, 2003