CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 9

Advanced 2D Design - Object-oriented Graphics: Illustrator

The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you to Adobe Illustrator, the standard of the object-oriented design and illustration industry. The objects created and manipulated by Illustrator retain their properties throughout the design process and these properties (e.g., color, shape, and rotation) may be altered at any point.

1. Use Illustrator to create an annotated figure in which all the tools from the tool menu are shown and labeled.

1.1 Use the Type Tool to put your name, course, Exercise #, and date in the upper right hand corner of the new 8.5" X 11" Illustrator page.

1.2 Use SNAP (<Apple> + <Shift> + 4 keys) to snap a picture of the Illustrator Tool menu and paste it in the center of your page.

1.3 Use the Pen Tool and the Type Tool to point to and label each tool of the menu. The result should look something like the following figure which you should print.

2. Next lock Layer 1 you created above, and add Layer 2 on which you will demonstrate the effects of at least 12 of the tools you labeled above. Note how you can try out effects, move objects about, and scale them to fit your first page. Note also how you can adjust the transparency of objects created in Layer 2 so that the labels of Layer 1 show through. The result should look something like the following figure (with your own unique objects). Please print the two-layer page.

3. In this exercise you will use Illustrator to redesign the floorplan of a house.

3.1 Open the file ArchitecturalDesign.PICT which can be found in the ClipArt folder of your instructor's folder on the Shared Folder.

3.2 Under View, select "Snap to grid".

3.3 Expand the garage from a two-car garage into a three-car garage.

3.4 Duplicate one of the cars, using copy/paste and scale it to Cadillac size.

3.5 Modify the living room to double the floor space and move the furniture appropriately.

3.6 Select the room labels and convert them to black, Palatino font.

3.7 Print out your modifications.

Updated March 13, 2001