CSci 105

Introduction to Computers

Lecture 15

© Morris Firebaugh

I. Introduction

A. Chapter 5: Storage and Multimedia

B. File Structure

C. Magnetic Disk Devices

D. Magnetic Tape Devices

E. More on ArtWorks

II. The Benefits of Secondary Storage

In this chapter we study mass storage.




III. File Structure

Concept of mass storage

Structure of files includes

Consider the Logical File structure of a database file

So, to summarize File Structure, from smallest to largest

We should distinguish between Logical and Physical records


Three types of physical file organization

IV. Magnetic Tape Devices

Magnetic Tape was the first really effective mass storage medium

Primary function for present-day magnetic tapes --> Backup


V. Magnetic Disk Devices

The problems with tapes

Magnetic disk devices help solve these problems

Floppy (flexible) drives

Hard Drives

Data expands to fill any hard drive



VI. More on Photoshop 2D Graphics Program



Updated March 5, 2001