CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 8

Intermediate 2D Graphic Design

1. Two of the most frequently used tools of photoediting are the CROP and BRIGHTEN/CONTRAST tools. Suppose that you, as a reporter, are to do an article on a famous mountaineer, and the only photo in the newspaper archives is the under exposed image of his hike on the Pacific Crest Trail shown below.

1.1 Copy the original image, PCT4.jpg, from the ClipArt folder in your instructor's folder on the Shared Folder down to your assignment disk.

1.2 Use the Photoshop Crop Tool, , to crop a "bust shot" of the climber.

1.3 Go to the menu Image --> Adjust --> Brightness/Contrast and use some combination to brighten the climber's face and make it more recognizable. The result should look something like:

2. This exercise is to develop experience with the possibilities offered by Photoshop Filters.

2.1 Download the file BoatingParty.jpg from the Clipart folder to your exercise disk.

2.2 Open the file in Photoshop, save three more copies of the file, and apply at least ten filters to copies of this image.

2.3 Note three of the most impressive image effects, copy them to a MS-Word document and print them out with annotation as to what filter was used.

3. Using Photoshop, open a new, 8 X 10 inch document and use the bit-map tools to create an original drawing. The grade on your masterpiece will be based on beauty, originality, and attractive design.