CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 7

2D Graphics: Bit-Map Editing


1. Explore the Tools and Filter effects of Adobe Photoshop.

1.1 Open a new document in Photoshop and set the size to 8" X 10 ".

1.2 Go to the Scrapbook and copy the Teddy Bear and World Map images into your new document as shown:

Notice that each opens as a separate layer.

1.3 Using the Text icon, label your page with your name, the exercise #, and date.

1.4 Print out this page.

1.5 Now work your way down the Tools menu, selecting each icon and applying it to parts of your two images, and observing the effects. Try for interesting and attractive results.

1.6 Print the modified page, labeling at least some of the effects you produced.

2. Use Adobe Photoshop to photoedit the image Renoir.PICT which is found in the ClipArt folder of your instructor's folder on the Shared Folder. Your task is to switch the faces of the mother and child in this painting.

2.1 Use the Lasso tool to copy each face to the Scrapbook.

2.2 Bring the faces back from the scrapbook and paste them each in a new layer.

2.3 Perform a "Flip Horizontal" transformation to the child's face and rescale both faces to the appropriate size.

2.4 Shift each face layer into the appropriate position.

2.5 Use the Airbrush and Rubber Stamp tool to smooth the joins of the three images.

2.6 Print out the results.

Updated February 25, 2001