CSci 105

Introduction to Computers

Lecture 8

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I. Introduction

A. Conclude Chapter 12 -- Spreadsheets and Business Graphics

B. Why Use Graphics?

C. Analytical Graphics

D. Presentation Graphics

II. Why Use Graphics?

The basic reason is:  The power of visualization


Several software packages provide excellent graphics features

The author points out that graphics may be classified as

III. Analytical Graphics

Generally designed to help understand scientific and business data


Analyze and display the world's shale oil energy supply by continent.

Shale Oil Resources of the World








  • Example 2:  Try some "What if?" projections:

    What if each continent uses 20% of their shale oil per year?

    = 0.8*B5

    and dragging down and across.


    Figure 2.20 Spreadsheet calculation of damped circular wave. 

    Figure 2.21 WingZ 3D surface plot of damped radial cosine wave.


    IV. Presentation Graphics

    Presentations graphics are professional quality analytical graphics

    Software for Presentations Graphics includes:

    Example:  PowerPoint Presentation


    Edward Tufte, in his book, The Visual Display of Quantitatitative Information, gives six principles for graphical  integrity:


     Examples of "Chart Junk" and Graphical Distortion



    Another source of graphical distortion  -  offset axes.



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