CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 3

Advanced Word Processing - Publishing

A corrupted excerpt from the instructor's AI book has been placed on the MacLab file server (SharedFolder/Professor Files/Firebaugh /CS.105 /BadText). The goal of this assignment is to clean up the text, reformat it in style appropriate for desktop publishing, and add the appropriate headers, Table of Contents, and Index.

a) Correct spelling errors with the Word Spelling Checker

b) Use Replace (Under Edit) to convert the term "AI" into "artificial intelligence" (be sure to search on the string <space>AI<space>)

c) Reformat the text into two-column format

d) Run the Word Hyphenation to make the ragged right less ragged

e) Reformat the document as full justified

f) Add the header "Chapter 1 - Overview of AI" in the upper left and the running page number in the upper right default position

g) Convert the headings to Heading1 style and create a Table of Contents  in front of the text

h) Select 25 key words and mark them with Index entry marks, and create an Index behind the text.