CSci 105

Introduction to Computers

Laboratory assignment # 2


1. Use selected segments of the file Assgn2Raw.txt from the shared folder to demonstrate the following features:

a) Three different justifications - Left,right, and full justification

b) Three different Font families (Palatino, Symbol, Helvetica, etc.)

c) Three different font sizes (12 pt, 18 pt, 24 pt, etc)

d) Three different font styles (bold, italic, outline, shadow, etc.)

e) A 3 column X 5 row Table, with made-up data and outlined with lines

f) The Formula from Word Processing Tutorial 2

g) A Drawing created using MS-Word's drawing tools

Carefully label each element of the assignment, e.g.

Right justified, Palatino, 18 point, Bold font,


Drawing using MS-Word Tools