CSci 105

Introduction to Computers

Lecture 23

© Morris Firebaugh


I. Introduction

A. Introduce Chapter 13: Database Management Systems

B. Database Concepts

C. Concept of Hypermedia

D. HyperCard

E. Introduce HyperStudio Stack Design


II. Chapter 13: Database Management Systems

Some Definitions:

How do databases differ from spreadsheets?


Advantages of Databases


III. Database Concepts

Database Models

Data Structures of Databases


The Power of Relational Databases



IV. Concept of HyperMedia

Consider the following hyperterms

What is HyperMedia?

V. Introduce HyperCard

Innovative hypermedia tool from Apple Computer --> HyperCard

VI. HyperStudio - A Multimedia Database

HyperStudio is "Son of HyperCard"

Recall your Tour of HyperStudio


Example of HyperStudio stacks written by grade school students:


Example of HyperStudio stack for Assignment # 12



VII. Laboratory Assignment # 12

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