CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 12

Introduction to Database Concepts - Hyperstudio


1. Build an address book stack, using HyperStudio, with text fields for [Name], [Street Address], [City, St, Zip], and [Phone Number]. Enter the correct data for four of your friends, and verify that you can search it by name, street, and city. Then print out the stack.

2. Create and print a four card stack, Tools105.(your initials), in which you show four snapshots of the tools you've mastered in CS.105

a) Some of the toolbar tools and text from MS-Word

b) A spreadsheet created by Excel

c) A reduced version of the original or your modification of ArchitecturalDesign or a SNAP from Renoir from the 2D graphics programs, Photoshop or Illustrator.

d) A snapshot of the part of your Web page containing the photo.

[On both (1) and (2), we will give extra credit for embedding navigation icons to move from card to card and return home.]

Updated April 1, 2001