CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 11

Designing Your Own Web Page

The purpose of this exercise is twofold: first to understand the nature of HTML tags and how they control the appearance of Web pages, and, second, to design your own Web page by copying the format of a model page and substituting content.


1. Using NetScape, scan the UW-Parkside faculty web pages until you find an attractive model web page containing at least one graphic (e.g., picture of the instructor) and some biographical and/or academic information.

This should help you understand the role of HTML tags in formating Web page output.


2. In this exercise you will convert the model Web page into your own Web Page, replacing the faculty image with one you select, and the faculty information with information about yourself.

For extra credit, you may embed external links to 2 - 3 interesting Web pages, indicating their role or purpose.

Updated April 1, 2001