CSci 105

Introduction to Computers


Laboratory Assignment # 10

Introductory Tour of the WWW


1. Using the Netsite window of Netscape, open the following WWW pages and print a 1 page summary of each of the following three items:

a) A current GEOS-8 Satellite Image weather map on

b) A 1-year stock market price chart for you favorite stock, on

c) An automobile trip plan, including total mileage and route, on

Remember, you can capture any portion of the screen using SNAP [=<Apple> + <Shift> + 4] or any graphic simply by holding down the mouse on the graphic. A window will open, allowing you to save the graphic to the clipboard from which you can paste it directly into your MS-Word document.


2. Using NetScape, explore some of the links on <> and <>, and click on the lights in <> to demonstrate control of machines and systems remotely. Describe briefly your tour, illustrating it with a three-page summary using SNAP or mouse click graphics capture, and include a one paragraph summary of what you have learned in this exercise. You should give at least three examples of potential remote control applications which the light.softopia home page demonstrates.