CSci 105

Introduction to Computers

Laboratory Assignment # 1


1. Insert your data disk in the Mac and format it as a Mac disk

2. Locate and bookmark your instructor's home page and locate Laboratory Assignment #1

3. Use MS-Word to write a full-page letter, including a graphic, to your friend, using the format shown.

                                                    Your name here
                                                    Assignment # 1
                                                    Intro. to Computers 105
                                                    January x, 200X

Friend's Name
Friend's Address
City, State, Zip

Dear friend:
How are you doing?  How was your summer?  I'll bring you up 
to date on mine. 


Look at the car I hope Dad will buy me for my next birthday!

[Insert the remaining 3/4 page letter here in single-spaced,12 point font] Sincerely, Your name