Granite Peak


In the first week of August, 1998, Dale, Steve, and I set out to climb Granite Peak, the tallest mountain in Montanna. The guide book indicates it is the most difficult high peak of the lower 48 states.

The approach to Granite Peak led over rock and snow with our only guide the topographic map. Steve relieved me of much of my pack weight so I could keep up to the "young bucks."

Here we are in base camp at the foot of Granite Peak on the morning of the third day of our four-day, 45 mile adventure. Today we climb the mountain!

The climb went through some of the finest alpine country in North America. The weather was perfect, for which we were grateful.

The summit block consisted of a scary snow bridge and 500 verticle feet of high-angle, roped climbing which Dale led. It was a thrilling and enormously satisfying climb. We reached the summit by early afternoon.